Blue Eggs : What Could They Be?

Robins: 4 Eggs, 4 Weeks from Fred Margulies on Vimeo.

Robbins have blue eggs!
Hey bloggers, we watched this  video in class about some robins laying blue eggs and looking after them for four weeks.

When the mom comes soaring back with a beak full of slimy wriggling worms, she perches herself perfectly on the side of the nest.  Once the babies see the mom they  go crazy, chirping and fighting each other for the juicy worm.   They  open their mouths as wide as their shoulders until their neck skin stretches so tight that I thought they would burst. Finally, the mother dips her long, yellow, narrow beak into one of the babies baby’s throats to drop in the worm.

Throughout the video the babies were always chirping and making plenty of noise, and were always moving and fighting each other for the worms. There was a lot of sounds in the video, at times it was pouring rain which made tons of noise.  My favorite parts were seeing the eggs, then one baby and three eggs, then all four babies.  I also liked seeing the babies mature and take off flying.

I love nature, and I am very lucky because I live farther out in the country. I get to see all types of birds like chickadees, varied thrushes, blue jays, lots of wood peckers, and many more. Robin families are like ours because the parents feed and look after there young until they are ready to live by themselves.   I think it would be really cool to be the cameraman to get a close up look and watch how the robins matured, also how the parents look after there young.  I think it would be hard to look after your babies if you were a robin because you would have to go and get your own food, and you would have to worry if something came and ate your eggs.

Do you like birds?  If so what are your favorite types?


I Wish We Could Vote

Hi bloggers,

I know that we aren’t old enough to vote yet.  But, we did!  Our class had a vote and 8 people ran ( I was one of them) for three spots for our Goodwill Council, of Smarthlandia.

We used a democratic  vote instead of a dictatorship.  The difference between democracy and a dictatorship is a democracy is a government that people vote for, so the people choose.  A dictatorship is not chosen by the people it’s a government that you can’t get rid of.  There like tyrants.

I don’t think that dictatorships are the way to go because they don’t usually go well, as in North Korea, and the people don’t get to choose.

The Goodwill council is  made up of people elected by our class and it represents our class, Smarthlandia.  It was chosen by our class and you had to be 13 or younger and older than 9 to vote.  The three Councillors of Smarthlandia are me, Sarah, and Scott.    Here are there links to there blog.     Scott’s Blog             Sara’s Blog

To get people to vote for  us we made speeches about what ideas were to help our class and community.  To make sure that our election was free and fair we were only allowed to have three posters all the same size and hang them in our class so that was like a control on election spending.  You could vote for up to three candidates and we had a secret voting booth.  During the Election we had two  scrutineers  to make sure no one was doing anything wrong.  If voters  messed up on there their ballet ballot they could redo it.  We had somebody check to see if our names were on the voters’ list to see if we could receive a ballot.

Do you think we did a good job to make sure our election was fair.

By guys: Luke


Short Story: How your life can Change

Hi bloggers.

At school we have been looking at homeless people and what we can do for them, or how they became homeless.  So we were to wright a poem, or draw a comic, build a collage, or do a short story.  I did a short story.

This is what I thought about homeless and  what I feel now.

Before I felt compassion for homeless people.  But I was afraid of them because I thought they were alcoholics,  didn’t have a job, they have drug addictions, or they have mental health issues.  When I went to Victoria and Vancouver my dad told me to give some homeless people some money.

Now I feel more compassion for them and I feel lucky that my parents work hard and earn enough money to have a nice life.  Now I realize that about 25% of homeless Canadians have a job and work super hard.  On the card board video that we watched I was amazed that these people had jobs like a personal trainer, being on a practice squad for the Buffalo Bills.

It is an ordinary cold winter morning in New York, for most people.  But not for me. For me every day is a struggle.  Instead of a nice comfy bed and warm blankets I have a sheet of cardboard for a bed and a thin blanket to keep me warm over my clothes.  But my bed is at least under a hotel where people park their cars.  I get some spare change from people who are staying at the hotel.  My body always aches and it feels like a elephant stampede is walking on my head and feet.  I shouldn’t really feel sorry for myself because it was my fault that I struggle everyday.

It started about one year ago when I was 55.  That night I went crazy and drank tons of alcohol and decided to hop in my car.  I pulled a red light and rammed a car in the driver’s side.  I ended up giving myself a broken leg and a bad concussion.  But the other driver wound up with a broken back and a broken Collar bone.  No one else was in the vehicle.

I was charged with drunk driving and the victim patient sued for $200 thousand dollars.  So we went to court and I could barely afford a lawyer, if I lost $200 thousand.  And I still had to pay off my mortgage, and pay my credit card bills. The trial went on for 3 days and the judge agreed with the prosecutor and so I got 6 months in jail and lost $ 200 thousand.

The bank took everything I had.  I got out of jail 3 months early for good behavior.  But when I got out I had lost my job being a carpenter, had no home, no family, and no money.  That’s how I became a homeless man.

Over the next month I was trying to save as much money as I could under the hotel.  But I didn’t know where to go or what to do, all I knew was what my body was telling me.  I was starving and thirsty. My body ached, and I had just enough spare change to get my food and water.   Everyday was similar: hungry, thirsty, and aching all over, but had enough money to buy cheap food and water.  And during that time I was looking for jobs.  Every time I went into a place with a computer I looked up jobs in the city. But never found any that paid well or that I could do.

One morning I walked to the other end of the City and found a sign needing construction workers, and fast.  I didn’t start at minimum I started at making $16 an hour.  After a week of working, they gave me the full time job, earning $19 dollars an hour.  After 2 months of working I was making $25 an hour.  And I could afford a really rusty, used, old $ 7000.00 long box truck with a cover over it that I could sleep in, and still pay for my food and water with ease. Soon I could afford a really cheap apartment.

But I was really lonely, so I got a 4 year old black lab for free and it had all of its shots. I was lucky because the apartment allowed pets.  Buying that dog was the best thing I did since getting in my car accident.  I was finally happy.


Just because the appearance of homeless people is scary doesn’t mean they are bad people.  You can help them by donating money to organizations that help, clothing, food and water, because with a little bit of hope, they can go a long way.

What do you think about homeless people?


Cats Vs Dogs

Hi bloggers, I’m going to explain what I think is a better pet, cats or dogs.

I think that dogs are better pets than cats because you can do lots more with dogs then you can with cats, like walk your dog, playing fetch with them, chasing them, I just can’t think of anything that you can do that is fun with a cat. dogs have really funny, loving personalities.

I still do like cats but both of my parents are allergic to them so it doesn’t look like I am ever going to get a one.  I also think the reason I prefer dogs to cats is because I’ve been living with one my whole life and I don’t know many things about cats.

So what do you think is the better pet, a cat or a dog?  And this puppy is pretty cute.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Viola’s visions ◕‿◕❤ via CompfightHappy Weekend to all Friends !

The Soldiers Who Never Fought

September 1916

Hi bloggers this Remembrance day our class wrote some poems based on the picture shown above.

The Soldiers Who Never Fought

What was it like for the doctors during World War 1?
Trying to save soldiers lives, as well as their own?

 War makes us pay a terrible price.
We lose fathers, friends, husbands, and brothers.
The price we pay is in human lives.

I wonder if they got any sleep that night,
or if they were too scared to even close their eyes?

I wonder how it would feel treating people,
knowing that any minute you could be shot or bombed,
while trying to save another man’s life?

I wonder how many amputations he made?
Were they caused by bombshells, infections, or gun shots?
How many cigarettes did he smoke that day? And did he still stay calm?

Plenty of people survive war
because of doctors,
but we still lose millions and millions of lives from it.

The price we pay is in human lives.

We must remember war and dare to live in peace.
On Remembrance Day, take time to remember.

Last year I did a poem as well as this one. And you would make my day if you  read both and told me which one you liked more and why?                                                                                                                                                                                                                Luke

Image Credit  Canadian War Museum

7 Random Things About Me

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to write about 7 random things about me again, because I am in the same class as I was last year.  So things won’t be the  same as they were last time.

  1. My favourite season of the year is fall, because I love the scenery of the leaves changing colour and the weather isn’t cold and it’s not hot.
  2. My favourite sport is soccer, and one of the reasons is it’s outside.
  3. My favourite food is Chinese, I just find it so delicious.
  4. My favourite subject in school is science, socials, and P.E.
  5. My favourite animals are dogs and donkeys.
  6. When I grow up I want to be either a soccer or hockey player, and retire as a farmer with lots of donkeys and dogs.
  7. My most enjoyable hobby is fishing.  The biggest fish I ever caught was 18 pounds.

What are some random things about you?

Dwarf Door

Bang!!  Bang!! BANG!!!  Jenkins the dwarf is a great black smith, and can craft anything, even stuff out of salt blocks.  One of his favorite things to make are doors, and lately he has found a 7 foot deep hole filled with clay so he decided to try and make four doors out of clay.  He chose to make four because he had four best friends that happened to also be his neighbour. Fred the peaceful fairy, Leroy the troll, and hobbits vill.  Vill is a nick- name for him because he has a giant family, especially for a little man.  He asked everyone what they wanted there door to look like, and if they cared.  Everyone did care so I said to my self why don’t they come into my black smith cabin and teach them how to craft there own.  They thought it was a good idea so I gave them there supplies fought them how to do it and they did the rest.

photo 1

This is my clay door

photo 2

Far left is Leroy the troll (Ryan), left is Hobbit ville (Evan), middle is Fred the peaceful fairy (Avery), right is mine.


The Impenatrable Zarba: My fantastical Beast

LukeyRyanLuke Fan Beast
The Zarba is a peaceful but defensive creature.
It has only one enemy: mankind.  It hides in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou.  When hunting for insects at night, it will glide soundless above its prey and launching itself towards them with its powerful wings.  Slurping them up with its long,  and sticky tongue.   The Zarba has a reptilian body and hollow bones that make it light and more aerodynamic with its webbed wings.  They are nocturnal creatures whose super good exceptional night vision enables them to hunt for bugs at night.

For most of the day the Zarba sleeps  under logs in the swampy water.   Their steel-hard scales render their bodies impenetrable.  Besides that, they also have the power to give bad karma to anything they chose.  So if people are destroying its habitat it will bestow bad karma on the project, preventing them from destroying its habitat.  Although the Zarba can do this he will never curse something with bad karma so it will die, because he hates killing things, unless he has to survive.

My Haikus

Have you ever written a haiku before?
A haiku is a form of poetry.  It’s different from others because it has three lines and the first and last rows have to have five syllable but the middle one has seven.  Our class has done  haiku’sqthe past week and these are what I think are my best.  Two are about my teacher one is about Timbits.

The fluffy Timbits
gleam in the light with sugar.
They hide in the box.

 Cool, black, round glasses
disguise the greatest teacher.
How lucky are we.

She’s the very best
Smarthlandia’s dwarf teacher.
There is only one.

photo licensed for non-commercial use

My Dream Job

Hi Bloggers,

Don’t you have at least one idea of what your dream job would be? Like be a movie director or be a superhero or owning a restaurant and being a chef. Because that’s what I want to be a hockey player in the National Hockey League (NHL) and play for the Colorado Avalanche.   I’d be playing all over Canada and America, from Florida to Vancouver!


I would like to play for the Avalanche because they have my favorite player Matt Duchene and I really like the area.  To do this I would have to train really hard and go to a university or College and play super good to even have a chance of being drafted to the NHL.  But I would have to go by chance to play for Colorado and meet Matt Duchene. This suits me because it is one of my biggest passions in life and .  The world would be a better place because I would would win many Stanley Cups, and win two gold medals in the Olympics for team Canada.

What would your dream job be?

Photo Credit: xadrian via Compfight cc